This compact power adapter allows you to plug your camcorder directly into a standard wall outlet, so you can charge a battery or provide continuous power for extra long recording.

Compatible with Canon digital video cameras MVX3i, MVX10i, MVX35i, MVX40i, MVX25i, MVX20i, DC51, DC40, DC10, DC100, DC310, DC210, DC220, DC230, FS200, FS22, FS21, HF20, HF21, HF200, HF11, HF100, HFS10, HFS11, HFG30, HG10, HG20, HG21, HR10, HV20, HV30, HV40, MVX430, MVX330i, MVX250i, MVX200i, MVX150i, MVX150i, MV920, MV960, MV940, MV700i, MV750i, MV730i, MV850i, MV830i, MV800i

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